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A Move for Maggie Will Separate Her From Only Family She's Known

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / June 25, 2007

I can honestly say the only time I have ever read Craig Medred and thought he made sense was in reading his comments that all Maggie the elephant has ever known is the Alaska Zoo ("Elephant may remember Alaska's creature comforts," June 10). Thank you Medred! I am glad someone said something that I have been thinking for a while.

The photo in the June 15 newspaper only exemplifies this. Maggie came here as a young, immature elephant. She had only socialized with the existing elephant.

I feel Maggie may have felt ill recently. However, she had familiar surroundings and a loving staff to help her.

I feel the trip will kill her. If that does not, the unfamiliar surroundings of the grounds and other elephants will.

Give Maggie a break. She needs to be around her family.

---- Marlene Johnson

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