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To Pursue a Wolf by Helicopter and Then Kill it is Diabolical

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / June 23, 2007

In Rebecca Knight's Compass "Alaska's animals need better protection," published May 30, she hit the nail right on the head! Knight is a compassionate and caring person and, of course, animal friendly. I wish I could say that for all of Alaska's citizens, but the whole world knows that would be a blatant lie. I will not even address the cruel Iditarod race which Alaska touts, because I don't want to give any credence to that barbaric event.

I will address aerial wolf hunting, however. Who in their right mind would even consider something this cruel? To chase a wolf by hel-icopter until it is exhausted and then kill it is diabolical.

The intelligent and decent citizens of Alaska do not want this slaughter and have demonstrated their disapproval for these attacks at the polls. And the governor still allows this? What abysmal arrogance! The governor and her fetid compatriots need to be recalled, and the sooner the better for the sake of Alaska's animals.

---- Jim Burris

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