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No New Home for Maggie Yet

Steve MacDonald / KYUU-TV / June 13, 2007

ANCHORAGE, Alaska -- The Alaska Zoo is continuing its search for a new home for Maggie the elephant.

Zoo officials said they've been contacting zoos in the Lower 48 to see if anyone wants Maggie, but have had no takers so far.

The Zoo's Board of Directors voted earlier this month to move Maggie out of Alaska after the elephant became ill. While they search for a new home, Zoo official Eileen Floyd said they are also looking for the best way to transport the 9,000 pound animal.

"She can fit in a 747, but can't fit in a C-130 or Herc. She's too big and when you start adding the weight for this cargo -- the crate itself is 9,000 pounds and then you figure Maggie is about 9,000 pounds. That's a big package," Floyd said.

The board is meeting this evening to get an update on the search for Maggie's new home.

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