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Murkowski Rated Top of the Worst

Letters / Peninsula Clarion / June 18, 2007

The ten (10) worst ideas in Alaska since Statehood? These are ranked in the author's priority order for impact or potential impact to Alaska, Number 1 being the worst.

1) Frank Murkowski for governor,

2) In 2006, Governor Murkowski's 600+ page gas pipeline pseudo-contract, which would have provided fiscal certainty (assured mega-profits) for Alaska's oil/gas producer's for the next 30-40 years (to the detriment of all Alaskans),

3) The enacted, but highly suspect, 2006 State oil tax on easily manipulated oil producers' profits (Alaska is already "reaping its benefits - NOT!"),

4) Governor Murkowski's pollution mixing zones in Alaska's salmon spawning streams (at the behest of the mining industry?),

5) The proposed Pebble gold mine in the Bristol Bay watershed, risking forever the region's salmon fisheries, streams and aquifers with heavy metals contamination and other chemical poisons,

6) Governor Murkowski's, US Senator Ted Stevens', and US Representative Don Young's three (3) "Bridges to Nowhere" at a total estimated cost of more than $1 billion,

7) The Alaska Board of Game advocating hunting McNeil River bears, which have been people-habituated and protected by Alaska Department of Fish and Game by law for more than 30 years,

8) State-sanctioned aerial killing of predators (wolves and bears), under the guise of increasing ungulate populations for subsistence hunters, despite overwhelming Alaskan public objections in Statewide votes in 1996 and 2000,

9) The reduction of the annual Alaska legislative session from 120 days to 90 days, when there have been 16 extending special sessions in the past 13 years, and there will be another in fall, 2007. This 30 day session reduction also gives each legislator a 25 percent increase in pay, and

10) The recently proposed under-the-sea tunnel from Alaska to Siberia (to accommodate the commerce and vehicle traffic between these two "densely populated, industrial giants"?) For the reader's information, there are no roads to the proposed tunnel site.

The author apologizes to the readers who have resided in Alaska since 1959 or earlier. Undoubtedly, there are many other stupid ideas, which may supersede those in my list, except Number 1. There is no question in my mind as to its ranking.

Richard Hahn

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