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Killer Whale's Tale Demonstrates that Maggie Can Be Happy Here

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / June 21, 2007

Thank you to Craig Medred. Yes, I remember Keiko ("Elephant may remember Alaska's creature comforts," June 10). He'd look through the glass and perform for everyone watching, as though he was communicating! It was a bittersweet day when he left. Hopes and dreams for the good of Keiko were so positive, but he never seemed to find the happiness he shared with humans again.

Let's not let Maggie succumb to the same fate. She likes people too. Why don't we rig that treadmill up so people can walk on one side and Maggie on the other? I'll bet there would be no shortage of participants who would wait in line to pay a small fee for a chance to get Maggie moving. The proceeds could go to funding a floor that would be easier on her feet, or maybe even a companion elephant.

If we open our hearts and minds, there are many possibilities to help Maggie be a happy Alaska elephant.

---- Margie Finley

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