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Killing Wolves to Control Populations Unnecessary, a Disaster to the Pack

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / June 9, 2007

The gunning of wolves in Alaska is, hopefully, over for this year. But I wonder how many people understand why this is such a bad idea.

Wolves live in packs but are really families. Breaking up a family for no good reason is bad. Only two wolves in a pack, the alpha male and the alpha female, are allowed to breed. If they are killed, it is a disaster to the pack. Wolves voluntarily stop breeding if there is not enough food. We are not that smart.

The idea that this will increase the moose population is bad biology. It does not work. You should check to see that the moose breeding population has dropped, not increased, since the wolf killing began. Feeling no pressure to breed, they don't.

This is a policy based on cruelty, ignorance and greed. The governor wants more moose because the hunting permit generates more money. The oil is not enough?

Please ask the governor to stop this now and forever.

---- Joseph M. Reichert
Belleville, Ill.

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