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Bear Encounter Can be Electrifying

Letters / Peninsula Clarion / June 3, 2007

The story telling of what seems to be an increase of bear encounters on the peninsula is a good reminder of being watchful and proactive in being prepared for bears or to try and make your home a bear unfriendly place.

I did find it ironic that Lisa Schmitter made a point of being able to live with the bears and not having to shoot them due to her experience of seeing a bear's reaction to her electric fence.

There also are numerous people who have had bears rip down their electric fences, take and destroy what they wanted.

My concern is the Timothy Treadwell syndrome from people who may have good intentions but they are born of ignorance and emotional goodwill. The only thing that separated Treadwell and Schmitter was a short distance around or through an electric fence.

The danger is that when we conclude that a dangerous animal like a bear will behave consistently due to limited personal experience, we set ourselves up to being eaten - just like Treadwell.

Mike Cotner

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