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Here's What Some Readers Have to Say About Maggie

Megan Holland / Anchorage Daily News / May 30, 2007

Here's what some online readers say about whether Maggie, the Alaska Zoo elephant, should stay in Anchorage or be sent to warmer climes. For the full forum, go to adn.com.

" Do I think there are bigger issues to worry about? Yes. Here is a simple plan -- elephant steaks for the homeless and less fortunate. The money spent relocating this elephant could be going to help HUMANS."

" Maggie must be given the opportunity to experience life as an elephant, to make choices for herself, to socialize with others of her own species, to exercise on natural surfaces, to eat and bathe when it's her choice."

" She will die if transported, heck, animal care experts can't even get a snake alive out of AK. The native kids in AK have the chance to see a live, non-tortured elephant."

" How much pleasure can one take in viewing an animal as miserable and unhappy as Maggie? How educational can it be for children?"

" Do you know the temperature difference between Alaska and Tennessee right now? You think she'll get down there and suddenly spring back to life? No, she won't. ... She doesn't know about HUMIDITY, that alone will probably kill her the first week she's there!"


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