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Leaked Memo Says Alaska Zoo Board Ignored Advice on Maggie

Alaska Newsreader / Anchorage Daily News / May 29, 2007


A leaked memo says the Alaska Zoo's board ignored experts' advice on Maggie. With the zoo's board of directors scheduled to meet today to discuss whether to send the state's only elephant to a sanctuary in the Lower 48, APRN has a story based on what it describes as an internal board memo that has been obtained and released by a California group called In Defense of Animals.

The network's report says seven of eight experts consulted by the board in 2004 recommended moving the elephant to a warmer climate and the company of other elephants. One scientist said Maggie could remain in Anchorage, APRN's story says, "provided the zoo add rubber flooring to her pen, give her a way to exercise, and have the staff give her 16 hours a day of behavioral enrichment."

Three years later, according to the APRN's story, there's no soft flooring, and Paul Joslin, a wildlife biologist and member of the group "Friends of Maggie," calls the elephant's specially designed exercise treadmill "an absolute disaster."

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