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A Look at the Alaska Zoo's Board of Directors

Bianca Slota / KTUU-TV / May 28, 2007

Anchorage, Alaska -- The Alaska Zoo Board of Directors is gathering tomorrow to discuss the fate of Maggie the elephant under growing pressure from activists to move her to a new home.

A 2004 internal committee report from the Zoo surfaced today. In the report, the Zoo says it is currently unable to do basic health management procedures for Maggie and it admits that most experts think she should be moved to another zoo, specifically the North Carolina Zoological Park.

While veterinarians and animal experts are weighing in with information about animal welfare and Maggie's health, the final decision about where she lives will be made by people with little to no experience with animal care.

Just who serves on the Alaska Zoo's Board of Directors?

Dick Thwaites is the current president of the Zoo's Board. He has been on the Board for 20 years and also works for the Bureau of Land Management.   

In an interview about Maggie last week Thwaites said, "I'm not sure the Board is inclined to keep her. The Board is bowing to the pressure, regardless of what experts say."

Marnie Brennan is vice president of the Board and is also chief marketing officer for TelAlaska. She said today she wants to hear from all the experts before making a decision and does not expect any action at tomorrow's meeting.

Michelle Nelson, the Board's secretary, runs a decorating retail franchise, Southern Living at Home.

Zoo Board Member Sammye Seawell founded the Zoo in 1968 and donated the first elephant, Annabelle. She said last week she will never vote to ship Maggie out.

Board member Bill Borchardt is the owner and President of Arctic Office Products.

Board member Jim Burchart retired at the beginning of the month after serving as the deputy director of the Alaska Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

Vince Curry, the former board president, works as a consultant and registered as a lobbyist in 1998.

Board member Jim Dokoozian owns Dokoozian Construction LLC and also serves on the Associated General Contractors Board.

Board member Margo McCabe serves as chair of the Alaska Children's Trust Board.

Board member Steve Noey owns his own real estate inspection and appraisal company.

Board member Joe Van Treeck is the CEO and general manager of Matanuska Maid.

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