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Anchorage Assembly Tells Alaska Zoo to Make Decision

Anchorage Daily News / May 23, 2007

Anchorage -- The Anchorage Assembly sent a message to the Alaska Zoo on Tuesday night: Make a decision about Maggie's future and do it soon.

Maggie the African elephant, long one of the zoo's most talked-about animals, was unable to stand up earlier this month, requiring firefighters to bring her to her feet. Those who have criticized Maggie's confinement in Alaska said her weakness shows Maggie needs a new home Outside.

Tuesday, East Anchorage Assemblywoman Sheila Selkregg pitched a resolution calling on zoo directors to move Maggie to a warmer climate, a more elephant-friendly environment.

"Everybody is concerned that Maggie is going to die," Selkregg said during a break.

The Assembly amended the resolution so that it didn't specifically tell the zoo what to do, but told the zoo's board it should consider moving the elephant and should make a decision soon. The amended resolution passed unanimously.

"I'm convinced at this stage that Maggie does need to be in a different climate, in a location where there are other elephants," said Assemblyman Dan Sullivan.

-- Anchorage Daily News

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