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Outburst from our Science Guy Diminished Debate on Wolverines

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / May 12, 2007

State biologist Rick Sinnott dropped the ball. His most recent angry outbursts, in apparent collaboration with some of Anchorage's animal extremists, have diminished his profession with sound-bite biology, mis-served the public and accomplished zero for the Chugach Park wolverine population.

A reasoned response could have been asking the Board of Game, a reasoned body, to set a low park wolverine harvest quota. A calm approach could have been educating dog owners about the shortened midwinter trapping dates and the limited areas within the park that have been and will continue to be open to lawful trapping. A constructive attitude would have avoided attacking and alienating the Board of Game.

We deserve better from our area biologist.

---- Tom Lessard / Chugiak

EDITOR'S NOTE: The writer is a board member of a local chapter of a trappers association



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