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Science, Not Emotion, Should Guide State's Action in Game Management

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / May 3, 2007

This letter is in response to the April 23 letter, "Governor needs to change course on the Board of Game," by John Johnson.

It is time we leave the Board of Game to make decisions based on science and input from state wildlife biologists and not the emotions of the public. Nor do we need wildly speculative rhetoric when describing lawful hunts of bears and wolves.

It is a mistake to separate humans from the rest of the animal population; we are part of the ecosystem whether you wish to believe it or not. In the past animals were hunted to the point of extinction, but through proper wildlife management, sound biological research and support from American hunters, game populations have recovered all over the United States.

I do not always agree with the decisions of the Board of Game. And there are times when I directly oppose their decision. But when I do disagree, I do not make wild and outlandish claims in the newspaper about the killing of all predators and humans becoming an endangered species. Let's stick with science and leave the emotions out of wildlife management.

---- David G. Calderone / Anchorage

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