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Shooting a Sleepy Bear Stumbling from a Den Shows Moral Bankruptcy

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 27, 2007

The recent mauling of a hunter as reported in the Daily News is a sad story for at least two reasons ("Three well-placed shots end fierce mauling of hunter," April 18). First, no one would wish such a terrifying experience on anyone. Fortunately, the hunter's wounds were not life-threatening. But, it is also sad that two bears had to die in a hunting incident that only demonstrates how low we have gone as a species. Waiting for a bear to emerge from its winter den as it welcomes a new season of life is a morally bankrupt action. What could possibly compel someone to kill such a magnificent creature in such a lopsided engagement? How can someone proclaim the beauty of an animal and then blast it moments later?

I suppose these two unique and inspiring animals are going to end up on someone's wall or in a trophy case at some motel with the death-defying story of man against beast. Surely we can demonstrate our humanity in better ways than waiting for groggy bears to stumble into high-powered rifles. Surely we can rise above the trophy mentality that takes so many wonderful animals in the prime of their lives.

---- Mark Wagner / Browning MT

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