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Law Enforcers Fail to Protect Bears from Exploitation

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 29, 2007

Craig Medred's April 15 article "Bear man," about the Yentna Valley bear feeder mentions Timothy Treadwell at least nine times, including that the bear feeder "transformed himself into what Treadwell only dreamed of being: a true bear whisperer." While it is easy to disparage Treadwell, there is no basis for Medred's comparison between the bear feeder's methods and goals with Treadwell's 13 summers spent among wild bears to educate children.

One of Treadwell's primary concerns was law enforcement's failure to protect wild bears in Alaska. Treadwell did not domesticate bears using dog food for private entertainment and photography. Indeed, it would be interesting to know whether the bear feeder profited from his petting zoo and how the Alaska Industrial Development and Export Authority acquired the photograph exhibited on the board of directors Web site.

Alaska law enforcement's failures in this case seem to be a perfect example of the behavior Treadwell was lobbying against.

---- Elizabeth A. Carmer / Girdwood

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