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The Animal Guilty of Overhunting is Lurking in Each of Our Mirrors

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 30, 2007

It seems the governing body of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game needs to re-evaluate its discretionary tactics. First, aerial wolf hunting. Second, we have the right to kill Anchorage-area wolverines. Now we have the free right to eradicate the black bears that reside in or near inhabited areas northwest of Anchorage.

Listen, I have friends and family who will surely take this call to heart and will soon have some new taxidermy on their walls, as well as some stories to boot. I'm all for that, but 1,400 black bears? Where in the heck do these "educated" game experts get off?

These animals have been around for millions of years. It has only been the past 100 years that Alaska has been predominately inhabited by white humans. The Native population seemed to get along fine with these massive populations of predators. Untouched, these animals have hunted and killed their game for some time. The moose, caribou, etc., haven't died of overhunting yet.

The only animal guilty of overhunting in all areas is the human being. Perhaps we should rethink our drastic measures and re-educate the overpopulation of humans that seem to destroy everything in and out of sight.

---- Sean M. Wiederholt / Anchorage

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