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Bear Man Seeks Balance with all Life, Which Should be a Goal to Admire

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / May 2, 2007

Looks like Craig Medred finally had his day in the national limelight with his article about Charlie Vandergaw ("Bear man," April 15). For decades he's proclaimed opinions about the out-of-doors and especially bruins. Thanks in part to Medred, Vandergaw finally faces legal prosecution ("Bear feeder could face legal action," April 20). Isn't Med red proud?

Sadly, we are a stupid species, cursed with an oversized brain, which, as we know, only functions at 10 percent to 20 percent capacity, largely driven by its reptilian aspect. That means kill everything we can kill (including our students) and pollute the rest. The miracle of Vandergaw is that people can live with other species and that such should be considered more intimately. While I disagree with feeding animals per se, seeking balance with all of life may be our only chance of survival.

---- Pete Sennhauser / Kennicott

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