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Governor Needs to Change Course on the Board of Game

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 23, 2007

Gov. Sarah Palin is continuing the slaughter of wolves and bears that Gov. Frank Murkowski began four years ago. Her Department of Fish and Game (Department of Wildlife Assassins) feeds recommendations to her Board of Game (Board of Wildlife Assassins), which then outsources the bloody business of baiting grizzly bears, shooting black bear mothers with cubs and using planes to chase family groups of wolves to exhaustion before blasting them apart with shotguns and semi-automatic rifles. And they call this science?

Make no mistake - science has nothing to do with it. History is just repeating itself in Alaska. Technically superior human predators are killing off as many other predators as possible because they compete with humans for prey species. The arrogance and ignorance of those who support these policies are astonishing. Man's manipulation of nature has never improved upon it one whit. When the last predator has been killed, it is man that will become the truly endangered species. Gov. Palin, tear down this Board of Game.

-- John Johnson advisory board member Alaska Wildlife Alliance Anchorage

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