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Alaska's Wild Animals Were Meant to be Hunted, Sold and Served Up

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 24, 2007


Thirty-five years ago I nearly starved and froze to death because the wolverine I was hoping to trap somehow escaped. At first I thought, wow, that's one smart animal. Not only did it get out of the trap but prevented it from being used again.

This was until I read Thomas Roberts' letter, "After 35 years, memory of saving trapped wolverine still satisfies" (April 10). Now I feel stupid thinking that it was just a really smart wolverine.

Obviously this was a joke. I'm only 27; I don't even trap. However, others do, for food, warmth, money or whatever. I also understand that we live in Alaska and that is what some Alaskans do. Let it go, Roberts, figuratively speaking; it's an animal, meant to be trapped, skinned, sold and eaten. Thank God for our furry friends.

---- Adam Trombley

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