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Article Ensures 'Bear Man' Becomes Target for Hunters and 'Whisperers'

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 21, 2007

I am utterly confounded by the irresponsibility displayed in Craig Medred's article "Bear Man" published April 15. The uninvited spotlight shed on this bizarre occurrence will most certainly be the catalyst for injury and death to bears and people alike.

Medred has made Charlie Vandergaw's homestead ground zero for would-be "bear whisperers" and hunters alike, a volatile mixture even without the media as an accelerant. Surely Medred is aware that this area (Game Management Unit 16) has recently been deemed the Wild West by the Board of Game, allowing unlimited, unfettered destruction of the black bear population. He must then assuredly know that the eyes of hundreds of hunters and pilots are contemplating a 10-mile circle conveniently labeled on an inset map in his article.

It's also a good bet that some Discovery Channel-type network is eyeing the same circle with thoughts of, "Treadwell 2: A View From the Gut Pile."

Either way, Vandergaw's bizarre, risky environmental experiment is essentially over. Over except for the screaming.

What I wonder is this: When the tragedy occurs, will Medred accede any responsibility for the outcome, or merely be first in line to hurl his patronizing vitriol at the victim?

---- R. Scott Williams / Eagle River

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