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Trapped, Toothy Beaver Punctured Do-Gooder's Dreams of Rescuing It

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 21, 2007

I too have a story about an animal found in a trap. Unlike Thomas Roberts' story ("After 35 years, memory of saving trapped wolverine still satisfies," April 10), this one is from the trapper's perspective.

While checking a beaver set off the Parks Highway south of Denali Park, I noticed bloodstains on the snowshoe trail leading to the beaver pond. I presumed that someone had found my set, stolen a beaver and possibly my trap. As I approached the beaver dam, I noticed a sweatshirt on the ice. Much to my surprise, not only was my trap still there, but it held a prime blanket beaver.

After dispatching the beaver and picking up the sweatshirt, the reason for the blood trail became obvious. The sweatshirt was riddled with holes that appeared to have been made by beaver teeth. Apparently, some do-gooder attempted to immobilize the beaver with the sweatshirt in an effort to free the beaver. In return, the beaver apparently gave a one-on-one demonstration of what those big orange teeth are capable of.

I only regret not being there to see it. So if Roberts happens to notice some unusual scars on the hands of one of his granola-eating, tree-hugging friends, extend my sincerest thanks for the 25 years of satisfying memories that person's efforts have given me.

---- George Faerber / Trapper Creek

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