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Mauled Hunter Doesn't Deserve Pity; He Put Himself into that Situation

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 21, 2007

Are we supposed to feel sorry for poor old Lynn Keogh after he got attacked by a brown bear mother protecting its den and its cub, which he had just shot and killed for absolutely no apparent reason? He put himself in that situation voluntarily ("Three well-placed shots end fierce mauling of hunter," April 18). He chose to kill that innocent bear for no other reason than for its hide. It's a shame that people like this exist and, even worse, that they're allowed to go out and kill animals like that. Perhaps we should pick up and learn from the real people of Alaska, the Natives. Seems the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, combined with people like this, are doing a good job of screwing things up in the wild up here. Interesting, isn't it, when the hunter becomes the hunted.

---- David Schreiner / Eagle River

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