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If Wildlife Managers Want Moose, Why is There a Season for Them?

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 21, 2007

In response to the article "Cull of the wild" (April 10) about killing 900 to 1,400 black bears: I'm furious. What a lot of jerks we have managing our state wildlife. First of all it started by killing off the wolves. Second, they suggested killing the bears near McNeil River. Third, they decided to allow trapping wolverines. Now their madness is to kill the black bears, whether large or small. Just kill, kill, kill.

I understand that this killing spree is to save the moose so our happy hunters can go out and shoot a moose and have it on their dinner table. If our state wildlife managers want more moose around, why do they have a season to shoot moose? None of this makes sense.

Many of the wildlife managers need to be replaced. I mean replaced now, not swept under the carpet until all quiets down.

Gov. Sarah Palin should step in and stop this insane killing of our beautiful animals.

---- Doris Shimakonis


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