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Ban on Computer-Assisted Hunting in Alaska
Bill McAllister / KTUU-TV / April 19, 2007

JUNEAU, Alaska -- Many legislators and an unlikely coalition of organizations are getting behind a bill to ban computer-assisted hunting in Alaska.

The bill, headed to the House floor tomorrow, would make it a misdemeanor to engage in or provide facilities for hunting over the Internet.   

Chief sponsor Rep. Bob Buch said the practice began in Texas two years ago.   

It involves using a keypad and mouse to aim and fire a rifle by remote control at animals in an enclosure.   

Buch describes the practice as heinous.

"I don't think you'll ever see any kind of consensus like we've seen here. We have the ASPCA, we have PETA, we have the Outdoor Council, we have NRA, all on the same side, looking at this issue in the same way. It's completely unacceptable," said Buch, D-Anchorage.

The bill is HB 220.

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