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As Black Bears Do What Comes Naturally, Game Board Goes Wild

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 16, 2007

So we are adding yet another species, black bears, to the predator axis of evil? Another group of animals will enjoy the sportless, needless treatment of death because they are doing what happens in nature? This mismanagement madness must stop, and someone must hold the Alaska Board of Game accountable for these unscientific and baseless policies ("Cull of the wild," April 10).

As a solution I am proposing a couple of relocation options for the board to consider. One is to relocate these antiquated mind-sets and move them into progressive management policies that use killing as a sole last resort, not the first option. Another is to relocate our marketing scheme from B4UDIE to B4 THEY DIE. This will encourage tourists to visit Alaska before all the wildlife is killed and it is a huge Nebraska-esque moose feedlot.

Lastly, we should relocate our votes from the neo-conservative box to more progressive areas as the first step to implementing sound, realistic, modern management policy. We, as a state, need to get far away from these pioneer philosophies of bounties, zero bag limits and gun-wielding posses roaming the wilderness.

---- Scott Moran

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