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Anchorage Should Change Motto to 'See Wildlife Before They Die'

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 14, 2007

As a 40-year resident of Alaska and user of Chugach State Park, I couldn't believe the Board of Game authorized trapping of wolverine, which already has such low population numbers in our backyard ("Few to fewer," March 20). Like Kneeland Taylor seeing his first wolverine after 30 years of hiking in the park, I saw my first lynx after that amount of time, and I would rather wait 30 years to see one in the wild than see one in the zoo.

Aaron Bloomquist, chair of the Anchorage Fish and Game Advisory Committee, who commented that there wouldn't be much interest in the trapping, makes just as much sense as the Board of Game saying hunters probably wouldn't kill sows with cubs in Game Management Unit 16 across the inlet where they have opened the area to kill all black bears.

Board of Game members Ted Spraker and Ron Somerville may say they are biologists, but as long as I've lived in Alaska biologists have differed in their opinions of ethical predator control. Many oppose bear baiting and shooting bears and wolves from helicopters.

I'm really surprised the Alaska Travel Industry Association does not oppose the trapping of both lynx and wolverine in Chugach State Park. I've yet to meet a tourist who comes to Alaska to see a dog in a trap.

Maybe the new Anchorage motto should be, "See wildlife before they die."

-- Barbara Winkley

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