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After 35 years, Memory of Saving Trapped Wolverine Still Satisfies

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 10, 2007

It was 1972, my first winter in Alaska, when I saw a wolverine in Chugach State Park. But I thought it odd that this supposed elusive creature didn't run as I approached. I soon learned the reason when I saw that the animal was caught in a leg-hold trap. I was angry, and before thinking rationally, I took out a piece of carpet from my vehicle, covered the animal and dismantled the trap while my friend immobilized it with a spruce pole. Even after being released, the wolverine was reluctant to run off but eventually did. I like to think that when one sees a wolverine today, it might be a result of my actions 35 years ago.

Once again I put down my bowl of granola and refrain from hugging a tree to write and urge those sick and tired of the decisions being made by our pro-consumptive Alaska Board of Game to take action. Editorials are fine, but knowing I released a suffering animal from a trap gives me great satisfaction all these years later.

---- Thomas Roberts / Denali Park

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