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Traps Large Enough for Wolverines Should be Banned in Chugach Park

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 8, 2007

A recent letter to the editor from Alaska Board of Game member Bob Bell ("Game board member calls policy just a nod to wolverine-trapping reality," March 28), stated: "Trappers testified that while trapping for lynx, coyote and fox in the park they rarely caught a wolverine, which then had to go to the state. They simply asked us to open the (wolverine) season so they could keep the animal."

Think about this statement. While seeming to make sense on the surface, what it really says is that there is incidental trapping of wolverine in Chugach State Park. When an animal is almost extinct in an area, it does not matter if it is only trapped rarely. Every one counts.

The prudent way to look at this issue is that to prevent the extinction of wolverines in Chugach State Park all trapping, requiring traps large enough to catch a wolverine, should be banned from the park.

---- Bob Butera / Anchorage

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