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Even the Invisible Parts of a System are Important to its Ongoing Health

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 7, 2007

Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologists estimate that State Game Management Unit 14C in Chugach State Park has 11 to 23 wolverines. And Bob Bell of the Alaska Board of Game thinks that because few people see these wolverines, they are of little value and would be put to better use if they were trapped. Wow.

Bell presumably has two kidneys, one more than he needs. However, just because few people can see Bell's kidneys does not lead me to believe that the superfluous one would be of better use if made into a pie. Both of Bell's kidneys are a part of his healthy urinary system in the way that wolverines are a part of our park's healthy ecosystem. I love the fact that I can see wolverine tracks in the snow within five miles of my home. I urge the Alaska Board of Game to not take this thrill away from me. I urge them to allow all components of the Chugach Park ecosystem to remain intact, even the invisible parts.

----Greg Balogh / Anchorage

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