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Defenders of Wildlife / April 6, 2007

Governor Palin has not listened to Alaskans who have twice voted to restrict the use of airplanes to kill wolves.  Instead, she is expanding the program - most recently by proposing $150 bounties for wolves killed in designated areas. Her next action could be to expand it to include helicopters in order to shoot hundreds of wolves before the end of April.  Call your state elected officials right now at (907) 269-0111 and tell them to oppose her plans.

Use the talking points below to guide your call...

          - "Science should guide the state's budget decisions on wildlife management. The state lacks a clear idea of how many wolves exist in the state let alone the areas where aerial gunning occurs, or how many could be killed without harming Alaska ecosystems, yet Governor Palin and the unelected Board of Game continue to push for extreme measures to kill wolves."

          - "The people should decide. Alaskan voters have twice voted to restrict aerial gunning of our wolves. It makes no sense for the state to continue to push forward with even more excessive wolf killing programs."

          - "Alaska should not spend money on expensive and unfounded efforts to kill wolves. Without clear scientific justification, it is irresponsible to pay for bounties, provide fuel subsidies for aerial gunners or devote any state resources to killing wolves in the specified management zones."

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