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If the Wolf Bounty Protects Deer, So Be It

Letters / Juneau Empire / April 6, 2007

Connie Brady's March 28 letter about the wolf bounty is unreasonable.

For starters, humans have been changing the environment around them for a long time, and I can guarantee that we're not going to stop. For example, look at New Orleans. They have constantly re-dug the channel for the Mississippi River to keep the city there - not a good idea, but it was still done.

Brady was writing from Las Vegas. The city has to ship in water just so it can survive - still more changes of surrounding environment.

If the Department of Fish and Game has a good reason for putting a bounty on wolves, it should. If a bounty on wolves will protect some of the very few deer still around after this winter, it sounds like a good idea to me. If keeping the environment stable in Alaska means putting a bounty on wolves so the wolf population can be thinned out, so be it.

McKenzie Wilson / Juneau

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