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Trapping in Chugach State Park Risks Dogs, Children and Wildlife

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 6, 2006

The Alaska Board of Game's decision to allow trapping of wolverines in Chugach State Park is appalling. Trapping in the park in general is appalling. We Alaskans and visitors from other parts of the country and world take our children and dogs up in the park to hike and hopefully to see animals and birds. We don't want to find our dogs, children or wildlife in traps.

The road system in Alaska provides a recreational area not only for the 663,000 Alaskans but for our millions of visitors. Trapping should occur in roadless areas far from where people and their pets are going to wander, and it should be regulated to preserve animal populations, not decimate them.

If Game Board members feel that wolverines and other wild animals have no value to us because the sightings are rare, or if they are not concerned by the small numbers of an animal population, I would suggest that they shouldn't be on the Alaska Board of Game. People who agree with me might want to visit Gov. Sarah Palin's Web site and drop her a line about this Game Board and its mandates. Our park is not a trapping reserve.

-- Jean Eaton / Anchorage

knamed Romeo and known for playing with larger dogs accompanying people on walks.

Some people walking their dogs in the area may have become complacent because the wolf has not been seen lately, officials said.
"The bottom line is, right now it's out there," said Ryan Scott, a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. "(The snatching) is a reminder to ourselves that a wolf is a wild animal."

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