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Juneau Wolf Grabs Dog and Runs Off

Associated Press / April 4, 2007

Juneau Alaska (AP) -- A black wolf snatched a small dog near a Juneau lake and ran into the woods with it, U.S. Forest Service rangers said.

A woman was walking three dogs Tuesday at Mendenhall Lake when the wolf grabbed the unleashed Pomeranian then dashed off with the dog in its jaws. The woman unsuccessfully searched for the dog, which has not been seen since.

An animal believed to be the same wolf, however, was seen alone at the lake Wednesday, said Dennis Chester, wildlife biologist at the Juneau Ranger District.

The culprit is believed to be a wolf nicknamed Romeo and known for playing with larger dogs accompanying people on walks.

Some people walking their dogs in the area may have become complacent because the wolf has not been seen lately, officials said.
"The bottom line is, right now it's out there," said Ryan Scott, a wildlife biologist with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. "(The snatching) is a reminder to ourselves that a wolf is a wild animal."

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