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Let's Set Record Straight on What is Management and What is Slaughter

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 5, 2007


Let's clear up some of the misinformation about predator control that's been printed in the letters page. First of all, it's management, not slaughter. It's only done in areas that have been identified as high-use for people who prefer moose meat. There are millions and millions of acres of land that are off-limits to wolf management.

An example of no management or mismanagement is Denali National Park. Thirty years ago you could say that the park was a wildlife paradise. Now it is managed to please the politically correct crowd and it has turned into a biological desert with very few ungulates and a few habituated wolves and bears for the tourists to photograph. If you want to see caribou or moose you have to go into areas where wolf management has been implemented. Unit 13 is a good example. There are fewer wolves, but there are now more animals for hunters and those who want to take pictures of animals, including nonhabituated wolves or bears.

Please stop writing letters that have very little or no truthful information on wolf management and please stop attacking hunters, who have been and still are the best conservationists anywhere.

---- Mike Dubo / Salcha


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