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Let's Protect, Not Harass our Wildlife

Letters / Juneau Empire / April 4, 2007


Once again, special interests in Alaska are trying to decimate the wolf population using cruel and unusual means such as chasing them to exhaustion from airplanes and shooting them point blank. In fact, responding to this narrowly focused special interest group, the Alaska Outdoor Council and the governor via the commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, implemented a wolf bounty program designed to artificially inflate moose numbers.

This is not only bad science, it's animal cruelty. The voters of Alaska have already twice struck down shooting wolves from airplanes, and to bring back bounties on wildlife is a throwback to the last couple of centuries when certain animals, such as predators, were considered "bad" animals, an outdated view of wildlife that has no place in today's society.

The modern view of wildlife is that it is valuable in its own right and deserves protection from special interest groups who would harm it for their own purposes.

Please speak up to your legislators and protect our nation's carnivores. No bounties on wolves. Protect our wolves.

Barb Adams / Parker CO

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