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Many Enjoy Chugach, and Trappers Don't Need to Hunt Wolverines

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 4, 2007


I've lived in Alaska nearly 50 years now, and have spent probably more time in the outdoors than the average Alaskan. I've seen just one wolverine, up on a ridge line in the Talkeetna mountains, in 1966. The memory of it is clear and precious to me. I'll probably never see another.

I'm not a trapper, although my father was, and I spent a lot of time on the trap line with him when I was growing up in northern Illinois. I doubt that there are many trappers in Alaska who need the income derived from trapping wolverines.

When Chugach State Park was created, the decision to allow hunting and trapping there was made because there would have been too much opposition to it otherwise. I believe that in the case of wolverine trapping, consumptive and nonconsumptive use of wildlife are incompatible and nonconsumptive use (viewing and photography) ought to be the one permitted.

By Alaska Board of Game member Bob Bell's logic, wildlife in areas I'm never likely to observe are unimportant to me and need not be protected. I reject this kind of thinking. He says that Bill Sherwonit made a "personal attack" on him concerning his statement justifying his Game Board decision. I thought Sherwonit was merely stating facts, and I agree with his conclusions.

-- Jerry Brookman / Kenai

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