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Animals Have Value Beyond Skins, Even if We Can't Always View Them

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 4, 2007

I was appalled at the Alaska Board of Game's recent decision to allow wolverine trapping in the Chugach State Park. Bob Bell's comment about wildlife having no value if you never see them shows his utter lack of understanding of a true wildlife experience. Why is it that the Alaska Board of Game sees no value in an animal unless someone can kill it? It's time we clean house on the Board of Game. The board should represent all groups, not just the killers. My dog and I hike in the Chugach Mountains, and if I ever come across a trap you can bet it will be rendered harmless. I hope the public's outcry will necessitate a change in this ill-conceived decision.

-- Michael Henrich / Anchorage

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