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Big Wild Life Means Letting Nature Cull Species in its Own Good Time

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 3, 2007

I would venture to guess that most of us live in Alaska because of its wildness, wilderness and wildlife. Even our new Anchorage slogan says it: Big Wild Life. Yet, our governor and her Board of Game (Board of Shame) continually try to find new ways to reduce the numbers of more and more species of wildlife. First it was wolves, then bears, and now it's wolverines.

Consider what our wild Alaska would be like with no animals. Contemplate several of Webster's definitions of wild: 1. growing or produced without the aid and care of man; 2. loose from restraint or regulation, uncontrolled; 3. not amenable to control or restraint; 4. deviating from the intended or expected course; 5. a wild, free, or natural state of existence. Mother Nature has taken care of her own for millennia, before humans existed, and will continue to do so after humans are gone. She's quite capable of culling the numbers of any species when needed. Shame on you, Board of Game, for trying to change the natural order of things. Let wildlife be wild. All species have a right to exist in their own numbers so everyone, even the nonhunters, can enjoy Big Wild Life.

---- Mary A. Vavrik / Anchorage

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