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Wolverines are as Real as Bears, Even if Bell Can't See Them

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 3, 2007

Since Bob Bell has not seen a wolverine, they should be trapped ("Few to fewer," March 19). They have no value to us as "viewable wildlife."

The large range of the wolverine would affect those of us in Anchorage. The Ship Creek and Indian Creek drainages are on the east side of Ship Lake and Powerline passes respectively, a mere six miles from the Glen Alps parking lot.

After reviewing Mr. Bell's resume, I was surprised to learn a professional engineer has the type of experience necessary to serve on the Board of Game. Alaska does not need another Frank Murkowski holdover. Mr. Bell has not served Alaska well.

Mr. Bell admitted during confirmation hearings he would "stand behind the recommendations of biologists studying the populations" (Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, Feb. 27) when taken into the context of the McNeil River bear population. Did the wolverine trapping situation not merit the same consideration as well?

I have not seen a wolverine, either, in my "banging around Chugach State Park." Like Kneeland Taylor, I have seen wolverine tracks and delighted in following them in the snow while crust-cruising on skis. Looks like I better keep my eyes peeled this spring as my chances of this happening again may be diminished.

---- Matthew T. Pauli / Anchorage

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