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Whether It's in Makeup or Process, Board of Game Must be Changed

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / April 2, 2007

Alaska is wilderness above all else. The state's predator-control program and laws where wildlife is valued only from the greedy viewpoint of how many moose can we take is an embarrassing disgrace. Statements from the Board of Game like those about wolverines (well, you can't view them, so they aren't worth anything, so you can just kill all of them) illustrate vividly the need for a change either in the composition of the board or in the way the state makes decisions about hunting regulations.

Perhaps the board should defer to state biologists as the final authority for creating rules. This appears to be necessary to protect all wildlife populations for all reasons (hunting, tourism, viewing or experiencing while hiking, camping, climbing or boating, photography, and a balanced ecosystem).

The basic point of creating hunting regulations is to ensure sustained hunting yields year after year, not to eliminate "disvalued" wildlife populations that really do have value for all Alaskans.

---- Kathy Pratt / Chugiak

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