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Halt the State Bounty on Wolves

Letters / Juneau Empire / March 30, 2007

This bounty on wolves, along with all aerial hunting of wolves, is a huge black mark on Gov. Sarah Palin's new administration.
Wolves have social structures and families. They show affection. They work together. Each pack member has its place. Pups are about to be born. Wolves are working for their own survival and that of their families in these harsh winters. It's hard work that can be respected.

Wolves have helped make the game herds strong by culling primarily the weaker, slower, diseased and already dead animals. Their kills support bears, ravens, foxes, and other creatures as well as themselves. Wolves help keep game herds in balance with available habitat. Wolves are an integral part of our Alaska landscape and heritage.

Hunting and fishing have been important to me and my family also. I eat off the land whenever I can. But it's not all about me or us, as people. I accept that sometimes there will be lean game years. There will always be lean game years for one reason or another. People can adjust to this and still survive. We can respect all our relations.

I ask Palin to please respect all life - including the lives of Alaska's wolves - and the wishes of her Alaska constituents who have consistently voted against the aerial hunting of wolves, by immediately halting this bounty on wolves and the aerial hunting of wolves. Replace the members of the Game Board who support these barbaric policies.

Kathleen Menke / Haines

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