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When a Pet Dies in a Wolverine Trap, It'll be too Late to Regret this Policy

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 28, 2007

I have never responded to an article before, but felt compelled to as a result of the Board of Game's careless decision to allow trapping of wolverines in Chugach State Park, which infuriated me. Who are these people? Hunters or trappers without regard to the nature of the ecosystem? The state biologists even spoke on the impact this decision, but obviously the board was only listening to the sounds of money. Aren't these people supposed to be protecting our wildlife, or just the select ones that are available for photo opportunities?

I was appalled at board member Bob Bell's comment to the tune of if we can't see 'em, what good are they? These animals were placed on God's Earth before us and have developed survival techniques to see us without being seen. They are not nuisances, like some wolves and bears; they merely live in the shadows, cleaning up decaying carcasses.

And in response to board member Ted Spraker's comment about this not being a "huge issue," just wait until a family loses their pet to one of these lethal traps and a lawsuit is brought -- then the issue might be worth more then just 10 minutes of your time.

No wonder Outside activists come to Alaska, Look what we are doing to ourselves.

-- Jacki Whalen / Anchorage

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