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Alaska Wolf Kills, With Sound, Would be a Highly Watched Reality TV Show

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 28, 2007

I read that state game managers will pay people $150 for each dead wolf in an effort to boost Alaska's predator-control program, using 180 volunteer pilots and aerial gunners who are the backbone of the program. All you have to do to get the cash is turn in the legs of freshly killed wolves.

I have a suggestion: Why doesn't Gov. Sarah Palin's office just turn this event into a reality TV show? Imagine the millions who would watch these volunteer Alaskans become barbarians before their very eyes. America would love to watch the volunteers shooting from planes as the wolves run for their lives. Carving off the legs of freshly killed wolves while listening to the buzz of chainsaws as they cut through bone would surely be the highlight of the show. What a great image of Alaska.

It is mind-numbing how callous the governor and some Alaskans are towards wolves.

-- Denise Boggs / Lewistown MT

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