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Trapping Wolverines in Chugach State Park a Decision that's Game Board's Fault

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 25, 2007

How stupid can it get? The argument that there are so few wolverines in Chugach State Park that hikers are unlikely to view them justifies approval for a few trappers to go out and kill them for their fur is insane ("Few to fewer," March 19). The Game Board folks who figured this one out should be fired for gross incompetence. As for suffering as a result of the wolverine trapping, I am already suffering for these poor animals and will continue to do so until this decision is reversed. And how about the poor dogs that are likely to be caught in the wolverine traps?

The Game Board should be ashamed of itself for this callous decision. If the decision is linked to lynx trapping in the park as stated by the board, then I say let's halt the lynx trapping as well. I appeal to others who feel this way to let your feelings be known. After all, the state park belongs to all of us.

---- Floyd Mitchell / Anchorage

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