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Wolf Killing

Letters / Fairbanks Daily News-Miner / March 25, 2007

To the editor:

I heard recently on the news about the state using its helicopters and shooters to kill 382 wolves! It baffles me how the state operates. Alaska Department of Fish & Game deemed it necessary to have a "Cow & Calf" hunt, so evidently the wolves don't care for them right?

Other parts of the state put signs up that tell of the hundreds of moose killed by auto and trains just in that area! Who knows how many more in the rest of the state have met the same fate? In the north part of the state, we just blame the wolves! Wolves do not kill for fun or trophy-they do not waste. Check your landfills just before hunting season, you cannot imagine the meat thrown away getting ready for the new bounty!

Then we have out-of-state hunters! They are a real dollar draw for Alaska! No matter the price of the hunt, there is always plenty that can pay the price. I would like to know the numbers on how many actually use the meat or just the rack! Who cares, it's in season.

Alaska is poor and we need the money! Anyone that can afford to pay to hunt doesn't need the meat. But we need to make sure that wolves don't get more than we can sell!

Nature doesn't make mistakes, She keeps trying to put things on an even keel and man steps in. Bingo, something has to pay the price for competition!

Has anyone actually counted how many moose are killed by anything other than wolves? If wolves killed as many moose as the state would like us to believe, there wouldn't be enough left to kill on highways or railroad tracks!

Before we kill any predators, we need to know what the real problems are, the actual count statewide, and maybe take a couple of seasons off!

The state gets profit from permits, licenses (tags) and the pelts of the wolves killed!! It's all good!

Kay Durham / Healy

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