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Aerial Slaughter of Wolves in Alaska Goes On

Patricia Pollock/ OpEdNews.com / March 26, 2007

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For some time, Defenders of Wildlife has been trying to save wolves in Alaska from the barbaric aerial slighter that most Alaska voters have asked to be stopped.

Former anti-wolf governor Frank Murkowski (R) was bad enough, but even he would balk at offering a $150 bounty on slaughtered wolves provided the hunter presented the animal's dismembered limbs for proof.

It is a puzzle how present Governor Sarah Palin (R), who is involved in the famous Iditerod race, and whose husband participates in the Iron Dog race could justify the senseless and inhumane hunting of magnificent, sentient, intelligent animals that are progenitors of those very huskies and Malamutes (and yes, wolf hybrids) who inherited Wolf's endurance, fidelity, independence, and other fine qualities.

"I recognize the importance of wildlife management," she was quoted as saying.

Right! And one of the highly questionable rationales for culling wolves by running them down from the air, then shooting them is to keep them from eating too many moose (which, we all know, the hunters also like to take down).

Palin, who is pro life, anti-gay, claims lifelong NRA membership, and lets it be known that anti-hunting groups will hold no briefs with her.

"Anti-hunting groups who oppose hunting and fishing will be the winners if we allow them to pit us against ourselves," she said.

That's no doubt why she ignored the will of the 42,000 voters who opposed the aerial hunting.

Letters sent to the governor will no doubt be deep-sixed, but one way to get to those barbarians is to boycott tourism until the aerial hunting of wolves and all wildlife is banned.

Patricia Grames Pollock published writer, historical novel Royal Savage, Dell 1980. I live with my husband and three dogs in a log home in the foothills of Chilhowee Mountain in Blount County, Maryville, TN. have written hundreds of articles on virtually every subject for the Maryville Daily Times, including a monthly running column. In addition to writing, I am interested in wolves, coyotes, and have two Siberian huskies and a German shepherd. right now I am trying to arouse the public to protest the aerial hunting of wolves in Alaska, and to keep the gray wolves on the endangered species list. I am a lifelong, progressive Presbyterian, pro-choice, married for many years with no children, and am against the Iraqi War and the policies of the Bush Administration. I was a runner for many years, completed a marathon, and now walk as often as possible up "my" mountain.

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