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Shooting Wolves from Helicopters Takes Hunting to Scary Extreme

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 20, 2007

I have lived in Alaska for 50 years and supported hunting. The idea of using helicopters to hunt wolves is crushing ("State wants helicopters to rescue wolf-kill program," March 9). The image of wolves being hunted by air was bad, but the image of a gunner sitting in the door of a helicopter shooting is horrifying. In the past I have not supported tourist boycotts in response to our state's policies, but on this issue I will support it. I work in a tourist-reliant business, and this would adversely affect me.

The voters of this state have voted twice to end aerial wolf hunting, but lawmakers have rewritten laws to continue this action. Perhaps the legislative branch needs a session on how no means no.

Wolves are an important member of the environment; they remove the sick, injured and weak. What will we do when the wolves are not there to do their job? Will we have aerial moose hunts to remove diseased animals before they infect others?

Despite former Gov. Walter Hickel's quote "We can't just let nature run wild," we can and sometimes we should.

---- Liz Rodes / Anchorage

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