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Income Means Little After Expenses, So Don't Use it to Restrict Hunting

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 17, 2007

So, the state Board of Game wants to use earnings to determine eligibility for hunting subsistence moose and caribou in Game Management Unit 13 ("Game Board puts income ceiling on Nelchina hunting permits," March 11). While this is a good attempt at solving one of the state's long-standing issues, I have to say, it's a bad idea.

The first thought I have is what is their definition of household earnings: What someone says on the application (and we keep hearing it's a liar's game), or will they have to rely on a federal tax return for validation? Either way, it makes no sense. In addition to earnings, people also have expenses. This rule makes the bad assumption that you should have enough left over from $51,640 and up to go to the store to buy food. Says who? This is a bad precedent to set, as the expense part of the equation has been totally ignored. You can bet that if people's expenses (energy and fuel) eat away at their earnings, that moose or caribou could make a great contribution toward feeding their family. I believe there are other ways to resolve the issue.

---- Charles S. Balog / Anchorage


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