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Board of Hunters and Killers Only Pretends to Care About Wildlife

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 2, 2008

Alaskans deserve a new Board of Wildlife. The current Board of Game is dysfunctional; even the word game denotes animals for killing. Other buzz words like management, control, reduce and harvests are all just doublespeak for killing. It'd be more honest if the board just said, "We want to kill as many wolves and bears as we can, so we can kill as many moose and caribou as we want."

Real hunters kill only what they need and respect what they kill. These fine Alaskans understand that this current Board of Game's wanton slaughter of wolves and bears will only encourage anti-hunting sentiment.

I thought our state wildlife biologists were supposed to be the good guys but I'm not so sure anymore. If killing wolves and bears to make more moose and caribou is good science, then logic dictates that killing orcas and other marine predators would produce more fish and shellfish. Whoops, marine mammals are protected; so fisheries science focuses on limited human consumption to maintain sustainability. And it has worked just fine.

Fisheries biologists get an A and the wildlife division gets an F. Let's just give the Board of Game a D.N.R. -- Do Not Resuscitate!

If you agree that respecting this great land is a priority -- then please get involved before it is too late.

---- John Johnson / Anchorage

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