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Hunters Influence Board of Game to the Detriment of Nature, Animals

Letters / Anchorage Daily News / March 1, 2007


The Board of Game meets this week and a review of the proposals shows no loosening of the noose that has been set for our wildlife. The Alaska Outdoor Council and hunter-dominated board is doing its best to alter the natural balance in all parts of the state. It continues to manage Alaska's wildlife for the less than 20 percent of Alaskans who are consumptive users.

In addition to its controversial plan to open the McNeil River area to increased hunting, it has much more so-called "sound wildlife management" to force feed us.

Here is a short sampling of the proposals. They could open a bow or firearm moose season in the Anchorage Bowl. They could mandate 100 wolves be killed on the Kenai. They could authorize increased trapping and brown bear hunting in Chugach State Park and allow the killing of sows and cubs.

They could do away with the permit and fee requirements to kill a bear, decrease oversight of bait stations, and even allow brown bear baiting. They could allow bears and wolves to be killed from snowmachines and expanded aerial predator control.

This board continues to alienate nonhunters, and even many hunters, with its actions. We, the majority of Alaskans, need to stand up and protect what makes our state special before it is "managed" to death.

---- Bob Gengler / Eagle River

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